Ninjas always have good luck

To have fun trying to solve one of Nico’s cases, you can download for free the chapter of the book entitled «Ninjas always have good luck» from the following link

In this chapter of the book, Nico spends Christmas vacation in Segovia with his grandparents, his sister Sara and his cousin César. When they are playing near the Aqueduct, his cousin falls and hurts himself. César is sad because he is very unlucky: he is always having accidents, losing things all the time and failing his exams even though he says he studies a lot. What can Nico do to help his cousin get rid of his bad luck? Maybe the ninjas can help him.

This story can be used so that the children, when reading it, discover that with their attitudes and actions they can improve their luck.

In the following link from the book’s website you can download a free activity sheet related to this story. The downloadable activity sheets for each chapter of the book contain activities for children to develop creativity, verbal skills, logic skills, and reflective and critical thinking. In one of the activities of this card it is proposed as a topic of discussion to give an opinion if a person with his actions can improve his luck.

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