Program and play video games with Nico

In this section I will provide links to video games programmed in Scratch inspired by the various chapters of the book «Nico, the little detective». You can play them and also access their programs to see how they are made. I encourage you to not only play these games, but also to create Scratch games with your children or students. If you don’t know the steps to take for it, you can read an article that I have published at titled: Let the kids create their own Scratch video games. You can also use an extended guide I have prepared titled: Make your own SCRATCH video games.

Scratch is a programming language for children created by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab that is offered free of charge. Scratch programming is done by combining blocks of programming in a graphical way without writing lines of code. The programming experience for children can be similar to creating a construction with Lego pieces. In addition, it offers a great interactivity to children, since they can make a piece of the program and then test it (move a character, play a sound, paint a text box, etc.) without having to have made the complete application to test it.

With the Scratch programming language and its online community, children can create their own interactive stories, games and animations — and share their creations with everyone. When young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

My first videogame. This game serves to familiarize yourself with the X and Y coordinates and the direction of movement of SCRATCH programs. The game starts in the «POSITION» game mode , in that mode click on the character and move the mouse pointer to where you want it to go to show you the X and Y coordinates of that point. You can change to the game mode «DIRECTION», in that mode put the mouse pointer to where you want the character to move and show you the degrees of the direction of glide.

Videogame 2: Nico picks up poops. Michifú the cat is leaving poops everywhere. Nico has to pick up 20 poops for you to win the game; to move Nico you have to point the mouse or finger where you want him to go to pick up the poops. If there are 5 uncollected poops you lose the game; you also lose if you crash into Rufus the dog.

Videogame 7: Ninjago maze. The ninja Lloyd wants to meet his friend Kai but he has to go through a maze to do so. To move Lloyd you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard or on the screen. Don’t touch the flames or you’ll appear again at the beginning of the maze. To open the door at the end of the maze you must eat the four apples that you will find hidden in the maze.

Videogame 9: Catch that dragon. You have to click on the dragon 10 times in 30 seconds. If you succeed you will have won the game. Video game based on the chapter «The dragon who couldn’t fly». In that chapter the evil Radurulf wants to finish with all the dragons of the kingdom of Patipulin. In this game you are that evil ruler who wants to catch the dragons.

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