Introduction to the book “Nico, the little detective”

¿Can you imagine there was a book where you could find pirate treasures in your schoolyard, wild tigers walking by your neighbourhood, detective zombies looking for missing skeletons, children fixing their mothers when they are broken, princesses with dragons as pets and summer camps with monsters around?

Well, all these things happen in this book: «Nico, the Little Detective«.  Nico is a child who becomes a detective in order to help others; and looking for cases to solve, embarks on all kinds of adventures. 

I hope you have fun reading all the cases that Nico investigates, and I encourage you to also try to solve them on your own; sure you can think of incredible ways to solve them, because all children have a lot of imagination. And to be good detectives don’t forget to practice Nico’s method: Look, Think and Mess!

If you want to know which investigations Nico has worked on, here is a list of the cases he solves.

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