Activities sheets for children

This section includes free downloadable sheets with funny activities for children related to the different chapters of the book «Nico, the little detective«. In the sheets you can find creativity challenges, verbal skills quizs, logical skills tests and activities for the development of critical thinking in children.

Regarding the activities for the development of children’s critical thinking, in each of the activity sheets I have included a topic on which the children can reflect and give their opinions together with their family or friends.

Below are the activities sheets related to each chapter of the book:

Activities sheet 1: The treasure of the pirate Malsobaco.

Activities sheet 2: On the hunt for the pooping tiger.

Activities sheet 3: The case of the missing astronaut.

Activities sheet 4: Treak or trit.

Activities sheet 5: Fix-it Nico.

Activities sheet 6: Catch a thief while you are eating a pizza.

Activities sheet 7: Ninjas always have good luck.

Activities sheet 8: This is not my mother, someone has changed her.

Activities sheet 9: The dragon that could not fly.

Activities Sheet 10: The mystery of the camp monster.

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