Introduction to the book «Nico, the little detective» and the cases he has to solve

«Nico, the Little Detective» is a book about a child who becomes a detective to help others, and looking for cases to solve he embarks on all kinds of adventures.»

I also tell you that he has invented a research method called: Look, Think and Get Moving!

I hope you have fun with all the cases he solves in his book «Nico, the little detective» and I encourage you to try to solve them on your own too, I’m sure you can think of ways to solve them different from his, because all children have a lot of imagination.

If you want to know which investigations Nico has worked on, here is a small summary of the cases he solves in the book

1.   The treasure of the pirate Malsobaco

This is my first case, in which I must help my friend Andrea to find the earring lost during recess, but the schoolyard is big and both of us are small.

Will we be able to find the lost earring before recess is over and we must go back to class? If we don´t find it, Andrea’s parents will punish her for bringing those earrings to school without permission. 

2.   On the hunt for the pooping tiger

There is a cat in the neighbourhood, which I call «Michifú«, which has the habit of pooping in our garden and I must get it to stop.

How can I convince that stubborn cat to leave its stuff anywhere else? I must do it so my mother can get over her anger. 

3.   The case of the missing astronaut

My schoolmates Raúl and Sergio have lost one of the two astronaut clicks that they were playing with and they only have one left, I have to find out which of the two children is the owner of the remaining astronaut, and how to find the one that has been lost.

How can I solve this complicated case? If I don’t manage, Raúl and Sergio’s friendship is in danger.  It is a good thing that my friend Martina is helping me, because I am at a bit of a loss.

4.   Treak or trit

Asking for sweets at houses on Halloween we lose Rubén, Martina’s younger brother, who is dressed as a skeleton.

How can we find Rubén before our mothers find out that we have lost him? If we do not find him soon we are going to get into trouble.

5.    Fix-it Nico

I find Jaime crying in the schoolyard, I ask him what the matter is, and he replies: I’m not gonna tell you. I have also seen Guille walking around with an angry face.

How can I solve this case if I don´t know what to solve? Maybe my friend Andrea can find out what has happened to Jaime by talking to him. If anyone can do that, it is Andrea.

6.   Catch a thief while you are eating a pizza

At the Pizzacuellos restaurant, where our class is learning how to cook a pizza, a silver dollar disappears from a coin collection that hangs on the wall.

How can I find out who has taken the coin if our teacher Teresa has not been able to do it? If I don´t find the thief they are going to punish the whole class, and everyone will put the blame on Berta because she took a few coins on another occasion.

7.   Ninjas always have good luck

I spend Christmas holidays in Segovia with my grandparents, my sister and my cousin César. My cousin is always sad because he has unbelievably bad luck and awful things happen to him all the time: he always has accidents; he loses things and his exams go wrong although he says he studies a lot.

How can I help my cousin César to get rid of his bad luck? Maybe the ninjas can help me.

8.   This is not my mother, someone has changed her

My mother has been behaving very strangely lately, as if she had been replaced by someone else on the Mortadelo and Filemón swapping machine.

What can I do to make my real mother come back? Let us see if my father, my sister and I can make it happen.

9.   The dragon that couldn’t fly

We are rehearsing the school’s end-of-year play called “The dragon that couldn’t fly» and Jaime’s pants fall off during the rehearsal because someone had meddled with them.

How will we find out who tore his pants? Jaime is truly angry because the whole class laughed at him and he could put the play at risk. 

10. The mystery of the camp monster

The school year is over, and summer is here. I am going to spend a vacation with my friend Dani at a camp called «The Hidden Pine Forest«, but we are not alone, it seems that a monster is lurking around the camp.

How will we find out if there is a real monster or if it is someone playing a joke on us? It is a job for the «Little Snakes» team.

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